Accurate and Professional APA Style Editing Writing an article, research proposal, dissertation or thesis requires knowledge of the subject field as well as academic writing skills. Referencing is one of the requirements of academic writing. Citations and references are included in one’s work to acknowledge the work of other scholars, which you have used to formulate your academic argument. Most faculties in the humanities and behavioural sciences use the American Psychological Association’s style (APA style) of referencing.

Reference Referee Services

Reference Referee can proofread and correct the references in APA style sixth edition for:

  • Honours research papers,
  • Manuscripts that will be submitted for publishing,
  • Research proposals for master’s or doctorate studies,
  • Master’s dissertations (chapters and final draft dissertations),
  • Doctorate theses (chapters and final draft theses).

Reference Referee will:

  • Ensure all in-text citations are according to the required referencing style
  • Ensure that the reference list is according to the required referencing style
  • Cross-check in-text citations with reference list entries.

Reference Referee will not:

  • Verify references.
  • Perform a research or writing service.
  • Perform language editing.

Professional APA Styling Service

Adhering to the APA style (6th ed.) when including citations and references can be a tedious task that requires time and effort. Although writing the article, research proposal, dissertation or thesis is the sole responsibility of the scholar, editing the references to adhere to the APA style (6th ed.) is a part of your writing that you can outsource to an APA editor. Reference Referee is an APA style editing service that can edit your references for you in your article, research proposal, dissertation or thesis.

How to Submit a Document

E-mail your document in Microsoft Word format to

Reference Referee will provide you with a quote and banking details.

Reference referee will also indicate when feedback could be expected on the document that you submitted. Turnaround times will vary based on the length of the document submitted.